Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dress for Fun

Stripes on Me

Code: S004
Size: Fits S – L
Black(SOLD), Beige, Pink(SOLD),Dark Blue
Material: Cotton

Before:RM 38
Now: RM 35 (including postage)

* white shirt is not included

Flowery Dress


* at BB Plaza -RM 55

Code: S003
Size: Fits S – L
Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Material: Cotton

RM 40 RM 35

Splash on Dress


Use this dress as skirt to0~

Code: S002
Size: Fits S – L
Colors: Pink, Blue, Green(SOLD)
Material: Cotton

RM 40 RM 35

Falling Flowers


Code: S001
Size: Fits S – L
Colors: Red, Blue, Green(SOLD)
Material: Cotton

RM 40 RM 35

Large Button Blouse

Code: P002

Size: Fits S - L

Colors: Pink, baby pink, aqua blue, grey, white
Material: Cotton

Before:RM 35
Now: RM 34 (including postage)

Starry Flowy

Code: P001
Size: Free size
Colors: Black,Pink,white,Purple
Material: Cotton

before:RM 32
now: RM 30 (including postage)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More updates coming...

Wait for our cute dresses and tops coming this Saturday.
Selling at below RM 50.Soo0o0o cheap rite??
Starlicious beltCode: T 001
Colors: Yellow, White,Black
Price: RM 10

Jessy Stretchable Clinchers

Code: T 002
Colors: Black, Yellow, Purple, SuperWhite
Price: RM 28

Bling2 Belt

Code: T 003
Colors: Brown, Black, Cream
Price: RM 50

Flowery bag (SOLD)
Pattern: Leafy leaves, Stripy stripes

Code: G004
Measurement: App. A4 size paper
Price: RM 26
Need a purse that has many slots to organize all your cards and money? We do have a simple-elegant-metallic color purse with 4 compartments plus the coin slot.

Colors: Purple(SOLD), Black(SOLD), White

Code: G002
Measurement: H: 10cm, L: 16cm

RM 40 RM 35

Purse that can turn into a wrist bag may help solve your problem. Easy to carry and to put in your handbag.

Code: G003
Colors: Yellow, Blue, White, Green
Measurement: H: 10cm, L: 19cm

Before: RM 32

RM 32 (including postage)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here is a simple 3in1 bag that comes in fancy colors. You can transform it into a clutch, wrist bag or sling bag. A bag that can give u attitude.

Code: G001
Colors: Blue Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue
Measurement: H: 12cm,L: 27.5cm

RM 40 RM 35

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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